Beautiful Covered Bridge

This was one beautiful covered bridge I was taken to while in Ohio during October.  I have lots of other pictures to share right here on my Flickr page.

Thank you to all the great comments I received on my last post.  What’s your favorite part about fall?

Twitter…….Flickr…….I’m there!


4 Responses to “Beautiful Covered Bridge”

  1. I have a few favorite things about Fall…my daughter and husband’s birthdays are in the fall…all the local festivities like Peek ‘n Peek’s Fall Fest and Port Farm…and of course, the gorgeous scenery God has graced us with! What a wonderful time of year!

  2. Thanks Jodi for that wonderful response!! Fall is a great time for so many reasons!

  3. Awesome photograph! Unfortunately my recent covered bridge excursion in Bucks County, PA produced no such images as there was too much local traffic passing through the bridges to linger inside them and capture something like this.

    I take it this was a bridge not open to car traffic?

  4. Liz,
    Congratulations for your picts, You eyes are well set on nature and you can beautifully catch the best moments that it offers to us.

    Keep up the good work.

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