Girls Ride too at Roar on the Shore

I just love this bike.  What a statement with the all the pink accents!  This bike definitely stood out among a lot of black and grey surrounding it.

I am just learning to ride and can only go in first gear but I can kind of understand how it feels to be a girl bike rider.  I have so many photos to post but will be posting the majority of them on Flickr.

Don’t forget if you want to order this photo or any photo please email me @


One Response to “Girls Ride too at Roar on the Shore”

  1. Liz,

    We have a ladies ride group here in Erie you can check out what rides events we are planning at We ride every Thur night. We have grown from a group of 6 friends to include every woman ride we know in the surrounding area. Our current email list is about 80 women. We ride all makes and models and cover the entire Erie county region and some of Crawford Co as well. Please let us know if you are in Erie again, we would love to show you our area.

    ps- we are planning to break the Guiness record for the largest group of Grandmother riders record this year so if you know any please let us know.

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