Rain Flowers

It is truly fun to shoot the rain.  The weather is one of the most interesting events to watch.

These flowers were only in the rain for just a little bit of time but the water  that got on them gave great results.

P.S. —  I’m glad it is not raining today!!   ;  )


One Response to “Rain Flowers”

  1. Lovely photo and I too enjoy all kinds of weather. I wonder if you have any photos of rainbows. I am collecting them for a project/product (www.lifecoachparadise.com/RainbowExperience/ All photographers get credit for their photos including name,web-site and location of rb. Rainbows raise vibrations and this is part of my contribution to helping people feel good and attract more of the same into their lives. You do such a service with your gorgeous picture. I need photos that are at least 1200×800 pixels (medium jpegs). Hope you’re having a great day.

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