Celebrate My 100th Post!

Hi everyone!  I was looking for the right photo and the right time to post because this is a special post, it is my 100th!!

It is so great to be able to post my photos for everyone to see and hopefully pass along.  This post was inspired by my brother who is currently over in Iraq.    He told me today that he will be continuing his college career online while fighting over in Iraq.  He is also learning other languages with Rosetta Stone software.  Then he is planning on going to grad school when he is done to become a teacher.

All we hear about is bad news, poor economy, wild fires and anything else that could go wrong.  I just thought it would be nice to share some positive news!

People are doing great things and I think we need to be focusing on that a little more.  

This photo was from when I went to visit him after he was done with boot camp.  Please pass this along.  Share the good news!!


4 Responses to “Celebrate My 100th Post!”

  1. Great photo and sentiment. You’re right. It sucks to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. Get out there and do something proactive. Go girl!

  2. Great post, Liz! I love positive news…it’s great to hear he is doing well!

  3. Thanks everyone for the great comments! : )

  4. Congrats on the 100th post! Very impressive 🙂
    Great photo, fits the celebrations 🙂

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