Christmas Kitty

It is about that time to start bringing out those Christmas photos!  This is a picture of a very cute Kitty!  Don’t you agree?

This Christmas will hopefully be very exciting because I will be getting a new camera.  Yahoo!

How are you celebrating your Holiday Season this year?



4 Responses to “Christmas Kitty”

  1. That cat is totally posing, trying to get on the cover of a major magazine. Just look at him – You know that’s his “I’m ready for my closeup” face!

    (Cute cat, BTW!)

  2. Oh yes! This cat loves to pose for the camera. It makes for some really great pictures.

    Thank you for the comment. Happy Holidays!

  3. How beautiful your kitty is! I really like your “touches” of red on the package and the wreath. Seeing your kitty under the tree sort of fits with my holiday effort of asking people to please NOT give pets “as” gifts. For more on this please enjoy this article:

    Merry Christmas, Kitty!

  4. Thank you for your comments! I hope you have a very happy holidays!

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