Calming Day in Tampa

What a calming view of a winter’s day!  This is still obviously not in Erie but in Tampa.  This was taken while walking outside through Tampa.

How is everyone’s holidays coming along?  I haven’t even started shopping yet!  Oh well guess I’ll be stuck in the crowds of the mall.


2 Responses to “Calming Day in Tampa”

  1. If you are still there, scoot down I-275 a short jaunt to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It is 5.5 MILES long, and will take your breath away by day and by night.

    There is a pier midway going South and going North. Get off at both and snap shots of Tampa skyline (airport is to your left looking north).
    Fisherman from around the globe sit at the ends of the piers.

    You are closing in on my home away from home area, but much farther south to the subtropics, not the cold of Tampa.

    More on the Bridge here:

    The manatees are an hour or an hour and a half south. They like warm water and the Gulf is usually in the 90’s. At this time of year, it is a freezing 70 degrees water temp (or so). Manatees head north to where you are in Tampa, or to Fort Myers (way south). The nuclear reactors discharge warm water and make the manatees happy. You might see em.
    Have a marvelous trip.

  2. Well thank you! I wish I would have posted this when I was down there. If I am ever down there again I will definately check that out.

    Happy Holidays!

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