Gorilla in Deep Thought…

I know this may seem like a random post but I just found a buried photo in some of my old Pittsburgh Zoo folders from the summer.

I thought this photo was just great though.  Something different other than leaves.  I did want to post all of the snow that fell last night but I didn’t get a chance to capture it yet.

Would you like this Gorilla from the PIttsburgh Zoo in your house?  Email me @ LizStableinPhotos@gmail.com to get a copy!!


4 Responses to “Gorilla in Deep Thought…”

  1. That’s a wonderful pose he has. Like he’s debating whether or not to fling poo at you!

  2. Brilliant photo!

  3. Hi, just had to say, this is a CLASSIC. Came across it randomly doing a Google search, and it filled me with delight. One of those little things you come across in life that really brighten your day…

  4. […] is a super quick post but a band out of Madrid requested to use one of my photos from my other blog (yes, I have another blog) for their record’s […]

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