Fall into Fall

Alright everyone it is time to fall into Fall!!  This tree was amazing!  I am trying to capture Fall as quick as I can because it is starting to get chilly and the leaves are starting to fall.

Anyone getting ready for Halloween?  Everyone got their costumes?  Anyone do anything festive this fall season so far?

Feel free to comment and answer these questions!!

Want fall in your house?!  Email me @ LizStableinPhotos@gmail.com to get your own!!


3 Responses to “Fall into Fall”

  1. I really like this picture. It defines fall! I like how some leaves are fighting to stay green while others have given up and are laying on the ground waiting for the rake.

    I also like how you got the verrrrrrrrrry top of the tree. It felt like I was scrolling back up forever to see the top again! I would’ve tried to get the sides too. Or maybe have someone stand against the trunk of the tree to get a size reference.


  2. This is an amazing photo. I love the colors and the way you can see the movement in the leaves as they change from green to the oranges and reds of fall. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate the comments. Means a lot!

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