Rides at the Fair 2008

I know I haven’t posted in a few days but I’m trying to get in as much summer as possible before it starts getting cold and snowy.

This is another picture from Crawford County Fair 2008.  I hope everyone enjoyed the fair.  Let me hear your reactions.

Does anyone know when the Waterford Fair begins?


If you had a great summer why not remember it with a photo?  email me @ LizStableinPhotos@gmail.com  and find out how!


One Response to “Rides at the Fair 2008”

  1. The Waterford Fair is usually the first week of September. But I have not seen any information about it this year.
    Old Farmers Almanac states that our Erie Lower Great Lakes area will have a mostly mild November,snow at Thanksgiving and possibly a very cold period. Tempertures will seesaw from january through March. Precip will be generally below normal. Coldest periods will occur in December, early and mid-January and early to mid-February. Snowiest in early to mid-Devcember, early to mid january, Early February and early March. [No big surprises there,eh?]

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