Dizzy Winter

I took this photo last winter when it was just bright enough to take pictures and the snow had just covered the trees.  I was looking straight up into the trees and wanted the picture to be blurry on purpose.

I think it looks as if you are spinning because it was snowing and the angle I was at.  Let me know your thoughts.

Comments make a snowy day a little warmer so does ordering up a little photo or two.  Email me at LizStableinPhotos@gmail.com


5 Responses to “Dizzy Winter”

  1. Hmm. If you like this effect you should actually look into a free PS action to replicate the Lensbaby effect over at http://www.atncentral.com Look for Kent’s Lensblur. It will give you a more centralized blur without the obvious signs of camera shake.

  2. I am no expert at photography. Like the perspective but the comment by amy smith sounds liekan option that I would like to see you try too. How’s that for ambivilance? LOL . enjoy your photos. keep sharing.please.

  3. sorry for the typo….should read “like” an option. apologies.

  4. the snow on the trees at dusk is a feeling of unforgivingness to me…and the blurriness adds a great touch to that feeling that everything is getting cold and dark. very cool

    p.s. ….there’s a power line in the photo

  5. Ya, I wanted to avoid the power lines but they seem to be everywhere outside. Thanks everyone for the comments!

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