Roar on the Shore Tanks

Hey everyone!  I was waiting for the right time to start bringing out these wonderful pictures.  What I am trying to do is make a photo montage of a lot of pictures I took while at Roar on the Shore in Erie. I am still working on that so hopefully soon it will be ready for release.

I hope everyone was able to head out to Roar on the Shore this past weekend.  This is a picture of many of the tanks on the bikes I found through out the day.

The best way to remember events in through photographs.  You can order photos @ to always remember these events!

Please let me know your comments on the photo.  I would love to hear them.


9 Responses to “Roar on the Shore Tanks”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for those photos. We tried to get a few but nothing in comparison to yours!!! Weren’t some of those true works of art? It was great fun perusing the bikes.

  2. Do you sell any of your photos?? We may be interested in one of the bike tanks that showed the paratroopers and military salute as our son is Air Force. thanks.

  3. You truly have a lot of talent. We sure had a good time that night.

  4. Wow! Very nice photo.

    I have to admit to misparsing the title of this entry. When I read “Roar on the Shore Tanks” I thought “It tanked?? I heard it was very successful.”

    Oh well. Ditzy me. But again, that is a terrific photo!

  5. We love your pictures 🙂

  6. Your so talented!

  7. […] green one highlighted here is just another great example of how creative and talented bike designers can […]

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