Snow? At the Beach!

No this is not a recent photo of Presque Isle.  This was taken back a few months ago when I was out there one day.  I just think the photo is so neat because it reminds of a picture I would find coming out of Alaska, don’t you agree?

Well, I hope everyone enjoys the day!  Especially because it will look like this outside before you know it.  ;  )

Want to look at the snow all year round?  Not outside but in a photo.  Order now @

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2 Responses to “Snow? At the Beach!”

  1. Wow! Just the sort of photo I needed after coming inside from the deluge and humidity!! Thanks. I am starting to yearn for those cooler days of fall….Winter ice and snow,not so much 😉

  2. Yes definitely! Love those fall days, can’t wait to take pictures of the leaves.

    P.S. — How did you make that smiley face?

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