Guess this Picture!

Let’s shake things up a bit here. What in the world do you think this picture is of?

Place your guess in the comment section.  I will comment at the end of the workday of what the picture is of. Common Guess!  You know you want to.

I will give you some hints:

  • The picture is taken outside
  • The picture is taken at night
  • The picture is taken in Erie County

If you find this photo as interesting as I do please email me @ to order.


5 Responses to “Guess this Picture!”

  1. looks like a long exposure of little bugs flying around a light, and small flying creatures sitting on the wall behind the light.

  2. I used to take pics of “star trails” at night in Erie County.
    Fix the lens open and walk away from the tripod. Hours later, concentric rings appear all over, as the Earth rotation and star movement is laid down on film.

    But these are willy-nilly, not stars.

    I believe this is the annual Erie County Reunion of Lightning Bugs and they are lighting up their butts and flashing signals to one another to get a date!

    Most remain singles; but about five of ’em managed to get a date.

    The couple in the middle doing a spiral dance together want to be on “Dancing With The Stars”, but their butts are burnt out before the song is over.

  3. My guess is it is a picture of dandelion fuzzies blown into the atmosphere, or…mosquito larvae hatching …but i so like this,please do more…

  4. Alright everyone. I know the anticipation was killing you. I am hear to say that the 1st comment from Dale was correct with one exception. The bugs actually were on a ceiling. So I hope you enjoyed the photo and results!

    Check back tomorrow for the next post! : )

  5. Let THAT be a lesson to you America!

    Never, never I say, should you trust a bug with a fire-lit butt, to be a winner.

    If I am ever gonna win this, Liz is gonna have to do like Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy and make Dale put his answer in the form of a question!

    I am going back and hang out with those fun, Cloud Appreciation Society folks.
    I wonder if airplane-lines in the sky, count as man-made clouds?
    How about those puffs that emit from nuclear cooling towers?
    Those make awesome clouds at Limerick, PA as they scoot cumulo-nimbly higher and higher.

    Is there a second place award? A jar of Kraft Mayonaisse? A FLY swatter?
    Sometimes, I think the metric system would be easier to master than these toughies. 🙂

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